Sunset at Muir Beach

Driving westward across the North Bay, I was facing thick clouds looming on the horizon. Would the clouds break during my stay at Muir Beach? Upon reaching Marin county the view was even bleaker: Clouds or fog clung to Mt Tamalpais' peak. Onward then, 2 hours till sunset.

And the clouds did part and the sky cracks open.

I shot this with an ND filter on and stopped down to f/22. The shots are auto bracketed from -2 to +2 EV and run through Photomatix then digitally blended with original exposures using Pixelmator.

Lake Solano Panorama

The blue, blue water of Lake Solano with the reflections of the trees. 

7 shots handheld for this pano

The View From The Bank

The shade and tree limbs make for a natural "frame within a frame" in this view of Lake Solano as boaters paddle through the reflections of the opposite shore. 

A gap in the trees.

Colorful Boats

The boats on Lake Solano in vibrant color. The strong colors must be to help spot a boater in distress, but today the lake was so placid and people were having a good time picnicking and BBQing.