Plumage of Peacocks

I recently returned to Lake Solano to hunt peacocks with my camera. After some research, I discovered that mating season begins in spring and hopefully I would get an awesome shot or two.

Backlit by the morning sun, a peacock perched on a tree limb.

In the above photo, the peacock was in a tree limb atop a small hill. Despite having 45mm-200mm zoom equipped, I had to manuever up the hill and around tree limbs between me and my subject. Thankfully it was not a serious climb and the peacock was content to stay on the limb.

Dappled sunlight on the back of the peacock.

I successfully climbed the hill and walked around the peacock carefully and with some distance as to not startle the bird as I approached. It was quite a sight: dappled sunlight coming through the tree branches lighting the peacock's tail.

I Spy With My Little Eye...

A duck! I climbed, or rather walked up this interesting tree with an almost horizontal trunk leaning out over the lakeshore.

Just swimming by.

Another photo that is dodged and burned using Lightroom's adjustment brush and varying exposure. The shadowed areas of the tree are darkened and the bright spots of sunlight hitting the tree are brightened.

The Selfie at the Beach

I rarely take selfies, but I was in a good mood and in a beautiful place and time. I was perched atop a couple of rocks, very close to the surf, along with my tripod. The benefit of the rocks was to keep the tripod from sinking into the sand and to keep my shoes somewhat dry. 

This was taken with the new front facing Facetime camera on the iPhone 6 in a square crop. My arm was outstretched behind me. Funny thought occurred to me that I was probably emulating a pose from the Camera Sutra. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Camera, I think. Sexy.

Deep Blue Water

The water at Lake Solano is so still and the reflections so strong and the water has a deep blue color. This is looking upstream towards Lake Berryessa. Mostly Lake Solano is a wide deep area of the Putah creek, a reservoir artery of Solano County.   

The deep blue water.