At The Wooded Edge

Suisun Harbor Lighthouse, seen from the landward side. This is on the paved trail that loops around City Hall, and nestled among trees and marsh grass.

Suisun Harbor Lighthouse

Revisiting A Composition

There is an appeal to revisiting local spots to practice composition and experiment with one's photography skills. One is to gauge your growth and maturity as a photographer. Another is to experiment with new techniques. 

The Matthew McKinley riverboat.

The above photo is extensively manipulated using Lightroom's adjustment brush. I chose to use the brush rather than a gradient filter to lower the exposure of the sky because of the foreground trees spanning the height of the photo. I also added some blue to the water as that was a bit yellow from the cloudy color temperature preset. 

Previous Photos

An old HDR photo, taken at sunset.

A stunning reflection

Black & White: Troll Bridge

Part of the hiking trail around Lake Solano goes under Pleasant Valley Road where the Lake and road meet and separate the two halves of the park. 

Trip, trap, trip, trap.

Plumage of Peacocks

I recently returned to Lake Solano to hunt peacocks with my camera. After some research, I discovered that mating season begins in spring and hopefully I would get an awesome shot or two.

Backlit by the morning sun, a peacock perched on a tree limb.

In the above photo, the peacock was in a tree limb atop a small hill. Despite having 45mm-200mm zoom equipped, I had to manuever up the hill and around tree limbs between me and my subject. Thankfully it was not a serious climb and the peacock was content to stay on the limb.

Dappled sunlight on the back of the peacock.

I successfully climbed the hill and walked around the peacock carefully and with some distance as to not startle the bird as I approached. It was quite a sight: dappled sunlight coming through the tree branches lighting the peacock's tail.