San Francisco Photowalk With Thomas Hawk & Trey Ratcliff

On May 14th, I had a chance to attend the #GlassPhotowalk with Thomas Hawk and Trey Ratcliff. This was a great experience for me as it was my first photowalk and such a large crowd attended.

After struggling to find a parking garage, I walked to Yerba Buena Gardens and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial waterfall. Hundreds had already gathered with their cameras. Then Thomas and Trey came out with Robert Scoble and Brian Mattiash of Google+. They announced some cool free stuff: the grand prize Google Glass, of course. And Trey gave everyone a copy of his newest tutorial in New Zealand.

Our hosts for the evening before Google I/O

As the large crowd left Yerba Buena, there were some worries that the photowalk was too large and might attract attention from police. "Tell them we're with Facebook".  The event currently holds the record of largest photowalk at 406 attendees.

The cable car operators were startled to find hundreds of cameras pointed at them. 

Union Square